Schutt Vengeance STG Big Grill Facemask

$79.99 $90.00

Boasting an extended brow design that helps enhance vision and absorb impact on frontal hits, the Schutt Vengeance This varsity football specialty facemask features an impressive 17-bar configuration to offer less grab points for the defense to get their fingers through as they try to bring you down. Boasting the same style worn by some of the NFL's top defensive players, the "Big Grill" carbon steel facemask offers extensive protection and intimidating style.

This facemask is designed for these positions: Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Fullback, and Linebacker

Hardware included





Facemask is compatible with:

Vengeance Pro (S-XL)

Vengeance DCT (S-2XL)

Vengeance VTD II (S-2XL)

Vengeance VTD (S-XL) 


Model Number: 751369

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