Schutt XV7 Shoulder Pads

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The Schutt XV7 shoulder pad collection has been re-engineered for today's elite athlete.  The energy lock redundant padding works in tandem with high-density, multiple-layer EVA foam to maximize impact absorption in the primary hitting areas.  The arches and cushions feature ventilation holes throughout for unmatched breathability.  Tactical arch designs create a sleek profile with incredible range of motion.

The XV7 QB/WR shoulder pad offers an attached back plate and smaller arch cut to give flexibility and protection. Swivel front connectors are preferred by quarterbacks for providing increased range of motion.  Ideal for: QB, WR, and DB

The XV7 OL/DL shoulder pad has an exclusive non-epaulet design available only from Schutt Sports. The arch slopes naturally with your shoulders and the elimination of the epaulet reduces grab points.  Ideal for: Offensive/Defensive Line

The XV7 All Purpose shoulder pad has a longer, narrower cut to accommodate multiple positions around the field.  Ideal for: LB, FB, DE, OL, DL

The XV7 Skill shoulder pad is designed for skill position athletes by featuring a deep-cut front arch, providing a greater range of motion.  Ideal for RB, TE, DB