Adult Football Facemasks

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There is a wide variety of adult facemasks on the market today so selecting the one that offers the protection you need without hindering your visibility can be a confusing task. At League Outfitters, we have the trained staff to make sure your selection is perfect for you and your position on the field.

Facemasks today are made of three standard materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium. While carbon steel offers the best price value, it is also the heaviest. When your position requires speed on the field, titanium facemasks combine lightweight construction for speed with superb strength and durability.

Your position on the field will dictate the style of facemask best for you. An Open Cage facemask has horizontal bars at nose level and below but is open around the eye area to maximize the player’s field of vision; perfect for the QB, DB, WR and RB. For the lineman, linebackers and fullbacks, a Closed Cage or Full Cage is their best option for protection. The Closed Cage models have several bars along the bottom half of the facemask giving the player the best protection possible.

Once you have chosen the perfect metal and style facemask, check out the color section available. League Outfitters has it all.