Wilson Flash 11.5" Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove

$29.95 $62.00

The FLASH™ FP115 is 11.5" and great for players who are still new to the game. 

The Flash is designed with flexible materials and professional design to provide the easiest glove for young fastpitch players to squeeze. It features a snug fit for better glove control and a larger pocket for better results on the diamond. 

  • Modified Softball Trap Web
  • Leather and Woven Fabric
  • 11.5"
  • All Positions
  • Lightweight Construction: Leather where you need it and woven fabric where you don't
  • Dual Stall: Ring and Pinky finger are directed to the same end finger stall, providing maximum leverage to close the glove.
  • Available in right hand throw and left hand throw.


Model #: WTA04RF16115 (Throws right) WTA04LF16115 (Throws left)

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