Wilson A800 Showtime 11.5" Baseball Glove

$69.95 $118.25

The Showtime 11.5" is the ultimate baseball glove for turning two.  With the 11.5" length and shallow pocket are combined with the snug Pedroia Fit, this glove is ideal for infielders looking to make an impact in every game. 

Hit the field game ready with the NEW Wilson Showtime baseball glove. With a full leather construction, the Showtime is ready when you are. Your new gamer has a low profile heel and double palm construction so that you will be good to go all season long. 

  • 11.5"
  • I-Web
  • Double Palm Construction™ to reinforce the pocket
  • Full Leather Construction for a better break in
  • Dual Welting™ for a durable pocket
  • Low profile heel makes glove for forgiving on bad hop grounders
  • Throws: Right

 Model #: WTA08RB16115



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