Under Armour 695 Gripskin Leather Pee Wee Football

$59.95 $79.99

The Under Armour® 695 Leather Game Football lets you experience ultimate grip and feel, provided by exclusive GRIPSKIN™ technology. The proprietary GRABTACK™ laces with micro-abrasion technology will ensure you have the grip you need for that end zone strike to win the game. A water-resistant liner extends life, while the multi-layer urethane bladder gives it maximum air retention.  Meets all NFHS® specs.


  • Pee Wee Size Football
  • Exclusive GRIPSKIN™ technology for ultimate grip and feel
  • Proprietary GRABTACK™ lacing provides 107% more grip
  • Full-grain Horween Leather construction with mellow temper pebbles for pro-level tack and grip
  • Multi-layer urethane bladder for maximum air retention
  • Water-resistant liner
  • NFHS® approved
  • For ages 9 and younger



Model #: UA688

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