Schutt Vengeance SCC Big Grill Facemask

$79.99 $90.00

Specialty football face guard for offense and defensive players. Meet Schutt's industry-leading standards for performance and durability. Features include six horizontal bars and three vertical bars for a more intimidating look along with the iconic eyebrow design across the top



ROPO: Reinforced Oral Protection 

DW: Double Wire

This Schutt big grill facemask is designed for these positions: Running Back, Fullback, Tight End, Linebacker, and Defensive Back



Facemask is compatible with:

Vengeance Pro (S-XL)

Vengeance DCT (S-2XL)

Vengeance VTD II (S-XL)

Vengeance VTD (S-XL) 



Model #: 753103

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