Schutt Youth DNA RJOP-UB-DW-YF Facemask


Designed for exclusive use with the small, medium and large sizes of the Youth DNA Pro helmet, along with all sizes of the DNA Recruit, these Schutt faceguards are constructed with rugged carbon steel, providing the strength and durability players demand.


RJOP: Reinforced Jaw & Oral Protection.

UB: U-Bar designs provides additional protection for the bridge of the player's nose.

DW: Double wire designs give the player additional protection for the eyes and nose.


This facemask is designed for these positions: Offensive Lineman, Defensive Lineman, Linebackers, Fullbacks

Hardware included


Facemask is compatible with:

Youth DNA Pro + (S-L)

Recruit Hybrid + (S-L)

Recruit Hybrid (2XS-XL)



Model #: 713312 (Carbon Steel)









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