Schutt Adult O2 Pro QB/WR Shoulder Pads

$179.95 $250.00

The O2 Pro showcases many of the features of the Air Maxx Flex 2.0 in an all-new body style. The impact management system of the O2 Pro handles forces and hits through a high impact perforated EVA foam. This pad not only dissipates force upon impact, it is the most breathable shoulder pad in the industry with perforations throughout the body of the shoulder pad. The perforated EVA foam and O2 windows allow air flow to and from the body encouraging the skin to dry and the body to continue its natural cooling action


  • System absorbs impact specifically around the AC joint and provides maximum shoulder protection
  • High performance arch designs minimize weight without sacrificing hitting zone protection. These new arches are engineered for maximum range of motion and mobility
  • Streamlined and balanced arch designs keep arches and cushions in proper hitting position with less “upward” movement of shoulder pads
  • The body cushion has 02 windows which are large openings that maximize air circulation, allowing excess heat to escape and sweat to evaporate
  • Flat Pad Design is low profile for improved mobility
  • BIOTHANE™ belts create a snug and secure fit while securing the shape of the arch to maximize range of motion
  • Recommended for: Quarterback, Wide Receiver.


Model #: 802605


Call for team pricing: 301-575-9400


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