Schutt Adult Air XP Pro VTD

$164.95 $225.00

This product earned a 5 STAR Rating published by Virginia Tech University.  The AiR XP Pro VTD (which stands for Variable Thickness Durometers), jumped immediately to the top of the rankings.  Whether you prefer “stars” or the high-level performance of our inline helmet models, the AiR XP Pro VTD has what you want.


The VTD features a combination of the latest generation of our patented TPU Cushioning System:  Single and Dual Layer TPU. Single Layer TPU delivers better impact absorption while reducing overall weight and Dual Layer TPU is featured in the helmet's front

We’re now attaching the TPU mechanically. Not only does that hold the TPU securely in place, it also allows us to put thicker TPU Cushions in the helmet

The re-designed SUREFIT Air Liner features a TPU outer skin with increased surface coverage that makes it ultra comfortable and gives the helmet a soft, “pillow-like” feel. Beneath the skin, additional comfort foam creates a dynamic fit and long-lasting durability

Comfortable EVA pad that cushions the nose bumper

Facemask sold separately

Small and Medium helmets require regular AiR XP Facemask (ex. Schutt EGOP)

Large and Extra Large helmets require XL Facemask or Vengeance Facemask (ex. Schutt EGOP-XL or V-EGOP II)


Model #: 789901



Hat Size



6 – 6 1/2

19 - 20 1/2"


6 1/2 – 7

20 1/2-22"


7 - 7 1/2

22 - 23 1/2"


7 1/2- 8

23 1/2 - 25"

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