Rawlings Player Preferred 13" Baseball/Softball Glove

$54.95 $75.50

This Player Preferred Series model features the Pro H web pattern, which allows outfielders to catch fly balls while at the same time shield their eyes from the sunlight and lights by looking through the web. With its 13" pattern, deep pocket, and open web, this pattern is the most popular glove among outfielders. Designed for recreational players of various ages and skill levels, the Rawlings Player Preferred glove series features quality, full-grain oiled leather shells and rawhide laces that require minimal break-in. With popular patterns and styles for all positions, the Player Preferred series seamlessly covers youth leagues to baseball and softball's weekend warriors.

  • Modified conventional back with adjustable pull straps
  • 10% player break-in
  • Recommended for all players
  • Outfield glove
  • Basket-Web® forms a closed, deep pocket that is popular for all players
  • Full-grain leather lace
  • Full-grain leather shell


Model #: P130H

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