Easton Mako Women's Fastpitch Combination Catcher's Set

$139.95 $209.95

The Easton Mako Women’s Fastpitch Combination Catcher’s Set contains the Easton Women’s Mako 17” Fastpitch Chest Protector and Easton Women’s Mako 16” Fastpitch Leg Guards.

Mako Fastpitch Chest Protector

The Mako FP Chest Protector is designed to accentuate the athleticism a catcher displays throughout a game: Blocking balls, making throws, and popping up after getting down in the dirt. An innovative, form fit design created specifically for women moves with you while providing the protection you expect from Easton.

  • Female Specific so it is designed to highlight athleticism in women
  • Dual Clips to allow easy adjustment and on/off
  • Shock-absorbing Foam that reduces blocked ball rebound
  • Removable Shoulder Cap that has easy Velcro® move or remove
  • Age 16 & up

Mako 16” Fastpitch Leg Guards

Catchers spend the game hitting the ground to block balls, then needing to pop back up and make plays. Mako FP Leg Guards are the most comfortable leg guards we’ve ever made. Designed with extra padding around the knee and a close, ergonomic fit.

  • Double Knee to help protect the lower thigh
  • Rounded Knee Cap that is built for knee-throwing
  • IKP (Inner Knee Protection) is strategically placed memory foam where catchers need it most
  • Removable Liner that makes it machine washable


Model #: MakoFPCS

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