Easton Mako LE Series Single Post Web 11.75" Baseball Glove

$174.99 $299.99

The all-new Easton Mako Limited Edition was built to perform from the inside out. With a focus on quick hands and incredible feel, each glove was constructed with a combination of premium Kip leather and SYNTEC HIDE™. This gives players a softer, more premium feeling glove, while allowing them to be more quick and nimble. The internal details on this 11.75 inch baseball glove weren’t forgotten either. With a focus on ergonomics, and the way a player’s hand naturally moves to close their glove, premium details to the internal construction like padded pinky and thumb loops, a molded back-of-hand pad, and hand-oiled sheepskin internal lining, were added. With the Mako Limited Edition, players will have maximum comfort and support in the areas their hand needs it most during high speed moments.

  • Pattern: 11.75" Infield model.
  • Web: Single Post Web.
  • Back: Open back.
  • Leather: Kero™ Kip Leather.
  • Series: Mako Limited Edition Series.
  • Hand: Throws Right.

Model #: MAKO1175DBG

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