Easton M7 Intermediate Catcher's Set

$199.95 $229.99

This catcher's box set includes the Easton M7 gloss helmet, chest protector and leg guards.

M7 Catcher's helmet

  • Has a streamlined profile to keep a comfortable, tight fit
  • Made with high grade ABS plastic that is lightweight, strong, and durable
  • 18 vents to keep you cool all game behind the plate
  • NOCSAE approved
  • Fits 7-7 7/8 hat size

M7 Chest Protector

  • Multi-Layer foams for protection and limiting ball rebound
  • Removable shoulder cap as well as groin protector
  • Strategically placed vents to improve airflow and keep your core cool
  • 15” for ages 13-15

M7 Leg Guards

  • Triple knee designed to protect in and out of squat
  • IKP (Inner Knee Protection) uses memory foam for comfort and protection where catchers need it most
  • Removable and machine washable comfort liner
  • 15.5” for ages 13-15

Model #: A165321


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