Easton Force Adult Combination Catcher's Set

$119.95 $199.95

This adult catcher’s set includes the Easton Force Adult Chest Protector and Easton Force Adult Leg Guards.

Easton Force Adult Chest Protector

  • Form-fitting design combined with lightweight, protective foams provide maximum protection and mobility.
  • Comfort form foam outer layer to deaden ball upon impact.
  • Triple-adjustment back strap for a custom fit.

Easton Force Adult 16” Leg Guards

The natural leg guards in this Easton Force catcher's set protect a catchers legs while allowing them to remain athletic. Engineered to move easily, and fit comfortably, these leg guards allow catchers to make plays behind the plate

  • Triple kneecap with bent-knee design for maximum protection and an ideal fit in the catcher’s crouch
  • Lightweight, ergonomically designed shin and knee plates provide durable protection
  • Removable/washable Bio-Dri® inner comfort form liners cradle the shin and knee for a custom fit


Model #: EastonForceCombo

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