adidas Absolado PS TRX FG J


Symmetry can be a wonderful design principle. It gave us many fine shapes, such as the square, and architectural marvels like the Sphinx and that face on Mars, but there's also a dark side to symmetry -- it can totally mess up your soccer game. A symmetrical lace design reduces the size and consistency of your cleat's kicking surface. That's why the Absolado TRX FG youth soccer cleats come equipped with a gloriously asymmetrical lacing construction to maximize the effectiveness of your shoe's kicking area.This may seem like a small detail until you lace up the Absolado TRX FG youth soccer cleats and actually take them on the field. Once you realize the extra bit of space and consistency provided by that weirdly crooked lace-up system give you an edge on the field, you'll realize that, Sphinx or not, symmetry is pretty much overrated.

Model #: 016197 (Black/White/Royal Blue)

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