adidas Crazyquick Low Football Cleats

$39.95 $69.99

The Crazyquick football cleat is all about redefining speed, getting to the endzone first, and winning championships. The upper is made from an innovative QUICKWEB package that provides maximum strength during cuts.

  • It holds in place QUICKFOAM heel padding that protects the ankle and Achilles from being stepped on.


  • Along with a techfit™ tongue and molded EVA insole, this design is comfortable, supportive, and downright fast.


  • The speed boost comes from a QUICKFRAME plate, developed after player motion studies.

It includes a gradual increase in flex toward the forefoot, instead of using one breakpoint that could cause injury.


Model: #G98783 (Running White/Unired/Unired)

Model: #G98782 (Black/Running White/Running White)

Model: #D74288 (Running White/Running White/Black)

Model: #C76114 (Running White/Black)

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