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Suited up and ready to hit the field but do you have all the protection you need? Are your ribs and back protected? League Outfitters has you covered and the products you need.

A Rib Protector is just as important as your helmet and shoulder pads. Don’t skimp on safety. The name itself implies why players need it. The wrap around design gives your back and ribs the much needed protection for those hard hits on the field and easily attaches to your shoulder pads. Most hits come from behind or the side, so giving your back and ribs some extra protection is a must.

Keeping you geared up in style and protection is priority at League Outfitters. Doing it with trusted brands and great prices is our promise. Check out our adult and youth rib protectors on-line today and get your order in.

Ordering for a team? Our Team Specialists can help you with sizes and quantity at our team discount prices. Give us a call Monday through Friday at 301-575-9400.