Easton HS3 Youth Baseball Batting Gloves

$14.99 $19.99

You want batting gloves that give you the confidence to make your best swing without worrying about your grip. That means you want Easton's HS3, which is designed with premium materials and an innovative design to let you swing away with confidence.


  • VRS Palm Padding reduces vibration and blisters
  • HYPERSKIN design with ergonomic flexibility throughout glove giving you a second skin feel
  • Neoprene wrist offers durable and breathable support
  • External name badge


Model #: A121852 (White/Royal)

Model #: A121851 (White/Red)

Model #: A121847 (White/White)

Model #: A121850 (White/Navy)

Model #: A121849 (White/Black)

Model #: A121848 (Black/Black)

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